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Family Parent Network Specialists

  • Behavior Specialists: Our staff includes skilled Behavior Specialists trained in Positive Behavior Support and certified in the Stepping Stones Triple P Parenting Program.
  • Family-Parent Network Specialists: Also included on our staff are Family-Parent Network Specialists (F-PNS). The F-PNS are parents of children with special needs and therefore are uniquely skilled to help mentor families because they have navigated these systems themselves. They have learned the ins and outs of the complicated processes of finding support and services.
  • Media Resource Specialist: Our Disability Resource Library has excellent staff with knowledge of the unique library’s resources and an understanding of disability culture.
  • Medical Community Health Coordinator: (coming soon).

Our staff members facilitate online and local parent support groups, provide individualized trainings on advocacy, managing challenging behaviors with positive parenting practices and coaching in other needed areas to strengthen communications between children, parents and service providers.