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For parents of children who have a disability, Triple P-Stepping Stones has been shown to work with children with intellectual and physical disabilities who have disruptive behaviors. Our certified trainers can deliver it in any of three ways

Seminars (1 hr group presentations)

Upcoming Seminars

  • Thursday, Feb 21 6-7pm
    WVU Museum Ed Center/Morgantown
    "Positive Parenting for Children with a Disability"
  • Thursday, Feb 28 6-7pm
    WVU Museum Ed Center/Morgantown
    "Helping Your Child Reach Their Potential"
  • Thursday, Mar 7 6-7pm
    WVU Museum Ed Center/Morgantown
    "Changing Problem Behavior into Positive Behavior"

What are seminars?

A series of 1 hour parenting information presentations for groups of parents who have a child with a disability.

What are the seminar topics?

  1. Positive Parenting for Children with a Disability
  2. Helping Your Child Reach Their Potential
  3. Changing Problem Behavior into Positive Behavior

How do I find,or schedule, a seminar:

Contact our F2F Health Information Center

Group Trainings (8 week course)

Upcoming Group Trainings

The next Group Training Course begins March, 2019 in the Charleston/Kanawha Co. area. Registration is still open with a limited number of slots still available. Contact TripleP Practitioner, Megan Ramsburg at 304-205-6431 or for more information.

What is Group Training?

The program involves six (2 ½ hour) group sessions that educate and actively train skills, and three individual consultations that help parents refine those skills.

Who is it for?

Parents/caregivers of children with a disability up to 12 years of age who want to prevent the development of problem behavior or change existing problem behaviors

How do I find or join a Group Training?

Visit PBS Training or Contact our F2F Health Information Center

Individualized Standard Intervention

What is Standard Intervention?

The intervention of 10 one-on-one sessions provides parents with comprehensive support in managing their child’s behavior across various settings. Parents set goals and learn strategies to promote positive behavior and deal with misbehavior.

How do I apply?

Contact our F2F Health Information Center.

F2F Health Information Center 304-205-6434 or